We are fruit marketing specialists

We specialize in importing and marketing of fruits

GENERAL IMPORTS AND EXPORTS is an Import and Export Company based in Cochin, Kerala (India) engaged in import and export of fresh fruits, spices, Mangoes and Coconuts. We at General Imports and Exports strive to import/export premium quality products sought after by consumers while providing the highest levels of service to its retail customers. Following a path of exceeded expectations and consistent, high quality products, General Imports and exports has forged the strength of its reputation through numerous years of development and innovation.

We go far beyond "business as usual" in order to meet and exceed high consumer expectations.

Our knowledge and experience and a lot of hard work allow us to bring you some of the most delicious fruit you can find; and good taste truly does say it all. We are dedicated to supply safe, healthy and good tasting fruits to consumers.

At General Imports and Exports, we believe in sourcing fruits from all over the world to our customers in its natural and fresh form. We import brand names that are recognized Worldwide. Our imports come from all over the world especially from those who follow best agricultural practices or with a reputable history in their quality of produce such as USA, China, Egypt, Chille etc